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How to identify a reliable dissertation writing service?

The online writing industry has become competitive in recent years. Finding a trustworthy dissertation writing service that helps you deliver the best project is quite challenging. At writebus.com, we have developed a platform where you can send “help me write my dissertation” requests any time of the day and week. You can also get online class help services here.

The first step is to check the samples provided to get a clue about the type of online writing service you will be working with. It will help you rate the quality of the papers written by the writers on that website. You will also be able to gauge the grammar used on your paper and how it will be structured.

Check the review section to grasp the reputation of the service you will be working with. Go to checking their customers, returning rates, and recent clients. It gives you a clue about whether the online writing platform is trustworthy or not. To save the trouble, you can send us a write my dissertation request at writebus.com.

How to write A+ Ph.D. dissertations?

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation project has been rated as one of the most complex tasks in the university. It requires superb writing skills, knowledge, understanding of the topic, extensive research, and concentration. The good news is that, at writebus.com, we provide you with the best Ph.D. dissertation help by following the steps below:


This is the first section of your dissertation paper, where you briefly write a short synopsis of what your paper entails. You should include a review of what you have gathered to demonstrate the credibility of your project.

Research Proposal

Writing a research proposal is essential to your dissertation project. This is the section where you describe your action plan, write your sources, your time frame of completion, and an outline of your research project.

Literature Review

It is usually the second chapter of the dissertation project where you support your research topic by listing the concepts and theories used in your paper. Entrust our best dissertation writers to help you develop the most relevant ideas for your research topic.


This is the section where you present your statistics. The chapter entails your results and analysis, which should be appropriately organized and detailed. Your data should be accurate and also include the data collection techniques used.


An introduction is a section you use to engage your audience by selling them your idea. When writing your introduction, you should hook your audience with convincing sentences on what to expect in your paper. You should present your ideas using a more subtle approach.


A quality dissertation project should have a discussion section covering your entire research. This is the section where you support your analysis with relevant arguments on your topic of discussion.


Winding up any project or essay is essential as it helps you showcase your competency as a writer. It is where you summarize your entire research using a 2 or 3-sentence paragraph. Be precise and concise.

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Proper formatting is essential when it comes to high-quality paper writing. Knowing how to cite your sources and structure your paper correctly is the necessary criteria for having your dissertation be accepted. Contact our dissertation writers to help you with this.

Proofreading and editing

If you already have a dissertation paper written, you’re always better off having it reviewed professionally. We can assist you with fact-checking, structure, and helping you achieve maximum quality writing. You always have the option of asking us for assistance at any writing stage.

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